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Joint Committee Year Round Committee

Water Resources and Agriculture Review Committee

Bill Designation

Bill Designation Bill Topic Former Bill Designation Fiscal Note Introduced Bill
Bill A Veterinary Technician Scope of Practice Bill 1 Bill 1  
Bill B Authorize Conservancy District Water Management Bill 2 Bill 2  
Bill C Agriculture & Natural Resources Public Engagement Requirement Bill 5 Bill 5  
Bill D Prohibit Landscaping Practices for Water Conservation Bill 6 Bill 6  
Bill E Providing Veterinary Services Through Telehealth Bill 7 Bill 7  
Bill F Study Green Infrastructure for Water Quality Management Bill 9 Bill 9  
Bill G Local Authority Enforce Violation of Noxious Weed Act Bill 11 Bill 11  
Bill H Authorizing Direct-to-consumer Sales of Raw Milk Bill 15 Bill 15  
Bill I Extend Wild Horse Project Appropriated Timeline Bill 16 Bill 16  

Bills Not Recommended To Legislative Council

Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
Bill 8 No Abandonment of Water Rights for Reduced Use Bill 8


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