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Budget Documents

E.g., 03/01/2024
E.g., 03/01/2024
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Local Affairs Other Discussion with the Department of Local Affairs Regarding Rental Assistance Programs 02/29/2024 loc-02-29-24.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential Legislation/Review Bill Drafts Packet 6 02/29/2024 pleg6-02-21-24.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential Legislation/Review Bill Drafts Packet 5 02/29/2024 pleg5-02-21-24.pdf
Public Health and Environment Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Public Health & Environment (Administrative and Health Divisions) Figure Setting 02/29/2024 fy2024-25_pubheafig1.pdf
Memos General Fund Placeholder for Legislative Appropriation Bill 02/28/2024 leg_approp-02-28-24.pdf
Revenue Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Revenue Figure Setting 02/27/2024 fy2024-25revfig.pdf
Capital Construction Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Capital Construction (Controlled Maintenance/ Capital Renewal and Recapitalization, and Capital Expansion: State Facilities Including Higher Education) Figure Setting 02/27/2024 fy2024-25_capfig.pdf
Education (K-12) Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Education (Assistance to Public Schools (Public School Finance/ Categorical Programs)) Figure Setting 02/22/2024 fy2024-25_edufig2.pdf
Legislative Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Legislative Branch Figure Setting 02/21/2024 fy2024-25_legfig.pdf
Law Figure Setting FY 2024-25 Law (Attorney General’s Office) Figure Setting 02/21/2024 fy2024-25_lawfig.pdf


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