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Budget Documents

E.g., 02/19/2018
E.g., 02/19/2018
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Human Services Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Human Services (Executive Director's Office/Child Welfare/Office of Operations only) Figure Setting 02/15/2018 fy2018-19_humfig1.pdf
Treasury Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Treasury Figure Setting 02/14/2018 fy2018-19_trefig.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing, Human Services, Natural Resources, Public Health and Environment, Public Safety, Regulatory Agencies Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 02/14/2018 potential_legislation-02-14-18.pdf
Transportation Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Transportation Figure Setting 02/13/2018 fy2018-19_trafig.pdf
Agriculture Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Agriculture Figure Setting 02/13/2018 fy2018-19_agrfig.pdf
Other Consideration of the Joint Budget Committee Operating Budget 02/12/2018 fy18-19_jbc_budget_02-12-18.pdf
Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Governor Figure Setting 02/12/2018 fy2018-19_govfig.pdf
Regulatory Agencies Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Regulatory Agencies Figure Setting 02/08/2018 fy2018-19_regfig.pdf
Military and Veterans Affairs Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Military & Veterans Affairs Figure Setting 02/08/2018 fy2018-19_milfig.pdf
State Figure Setting FY 2018-19 State Figure Setting 02/07/2018 fy2018-19_stafig.pdf