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Budget Documents

E.g., 06/14/2021
E.g., 06/14/2021
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Potential Legislation Distrib Federal Funds Home- & Community-based Svcs 05/19/2021 hcbs_leg-05-19-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Potential legislation concerning a funding model used to determine child welfare services allocation, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation (LLS 21- 0831.02) - UPDATED 05/12/2021 lls_21-0831.02.pdf
Potential Legislation Potential legislation LLS 21-0795 (Evidence-based evaluations for budget) 05/12/2021 lls_21-0795.pdf
Memos Overview of Federal Guidance Concerning the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund Established Under the American Rescue Plan Act 05/12/2021 fed_recovery-05-12-21.pdf
Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB, Transportation Memos Burnham Yard Strategic Fund Briefing from Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Colorado Department of Transportation 05/10/2021 by-05-10-21.pdf
Potential Legislation State Severance Tax Trust Fund Allocation 05/10/2021 sev-05-10-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 05/10/2021 leg-05-10-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 04/29/2021 leg-04-29-21.pdf
Memos Technical Corrections to the Long Bill 04/29/2021 tc-04-29-21.pdf
Memos Summary of Long Bill Amendments and Status of 2021 Budget Package Bills 04/29/2021 lb_amend-04-29-21.pdf