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Budget Overview

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The table below lists documents presented to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) during public meetings in order to assist that committee in preparing its annual budget recommendations for the General Assembly.

The General Assembly also receives budget-related recommendations from sources other than the JBC. Follow the links for documents related to:

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E.g., 06/19/2021
E.g., 06/19/2021
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Labor and Employment Memos Potential FY 2020-21 Reversion/FY 2021-22 Supplemental for Independent Living Centers 06/18/2021 lab-06-18-21.pdf
Revenue Supplemental FY 2020-21 Revenue (Lottery Retailer Compensation) 1331 Interim Supplemental Request 06/18/2021 rev-06-18-21.pdf
Capital Construction, Public Health and Environment Supplemental FY 2018-19 Capital IT Projects (Public Health and Environment) 1331 Interim Supplemental Request 06/18/2021 itcap-06-18-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Distrib Federal Funds Home- & Community-based Svcs 05/19/2021 hcbs_leg-05-19-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Potential legislation concerning a funding model used to determine child welfare services allocation, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation (LLS 21- 0831.02) - UPDATED 05/12/2021 lls_21-0831.02.pdf
Potential Legislation Potential legislation LLS 21-0795 (Evidence-based evaluations for budget) 05/12/2021 lls_21-0795.pdf
Memos Overview of Federal Guidance Concerning the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund Established Under the American Rescue Plan Act 05/12/2021 fed_recovery-05-12-21.pdf
Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB, Transportation Memos Burnham Yard Strategic Fund Briefing from Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Colorado Department of Transportation 05/10/2021 by-05-10-21.pdf
Potential Legislation State Severance Tax Trust Fund Allocation 05/10/2021 sev-05-10-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 05/10/2021 leg-05-10-21.pdf