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Guide to Public Hearings

In order to ensure decorum and a civil environment in which public testimony on legislation is enhanced and not disrupted, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

Sign-Up Sheet: Members of the public are welcome to address the committee when the chair asks for public testimony. If you wish to comment or testify on a bill, there is a sign-up sheet for the public prior to the start of the hearing. This is usually located on the table where legislators are seated or near the committee room entrance.

Decorum: It is inappropriate to cheer, boo, talk, or applaud in a committee meeting. Rallies, protests, and demonstrations in a committee meeting are not allowed.

Signs, Placards, Banners: Signs, placards, banners, or other display materials are not allowed in a committee meeting.

Clothing: Clothing that displays a conspicuous statement in support of or in opposition to any legislation before the committee will not be allowed in the committee room.

Audio/Video Recording: The committee chairman may require that persons making video or audio recordings do so from a specified area or areas in the committee room in order to avoid a disturbance or blocking public access.

Cell phones: Please turn off your cell phone as it may be disruptive of the proceedings and interfere with the audio system.

Food and Drink: No food or drink, other than bottled water, is allowed in the committee room.

A committee chairman may request a sergeant-at-arms to remove a person who is impeding, disrupting, or hindering a committee meeting or who endangers any member, officer, or employee of the General Assembly or anymember of the public.

Please contact the sergeant-at-arms with any questions. We thank you for your interest and participation in this public process.

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