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Urban Drainage Flood Control District Elections

Concerning modernization of election procedures for the urban drainage and flood control district to conform with the current requirements of state law.
2018 Regular Session
Elections & Redistricting
Local Government
Bill Summary

Urban drainage and flood control district elections - authorization for elections to be coordinated or held independently - district's share of costs in coordinated election - notice of election - updates to definitions. The election provisions for the urban drainage and flood control district (district) have not been changed since 1992. The act makes the following changes to the provisions relating to district elections:

  • Adds definitions of "elector" or "registered elector" and "special election" or "election" to conform the district's laws with the "Uniform Election Code" (code). The act clarifies the definition of "publication" so that it conforms with the code. The act amends the definition of "taxpaying elector", eliminating the ability to vote based on a spouse or civil union partner owning taxable property within the district.
  • Clarifies that district elections may be held independently at a special election in conformance with the "Colorado Local Government Election Code" or in coordination with the county clerk and recorders of counties included in the district. It also calls for the district to pay the district's costs related to a coordinated election.
  • Deletes an obsolete provision specifying the date in advance of an election that the board of directors of the district must adopt a resolution calling a district election.
  • Conforms annexation elections to current requirements of the "Colorado Local Government Election Code" and makes ballot questions for district annexation elections similar to the procedures used for special district inclusion elections.
    (Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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Bill Text

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