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Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act

Concerning the "Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act".
2023 Regular Session
Children & Domestic Matters
Bill Summary

The act enacts the "Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act" (act), drafted by the uniform law commission.

The act applies to the parent, guardian, or custodian of a child, or an individual with whom a child has been placed for adoption, who wishes to terminate the parent-child relationship and is not transferring custody to family or friends. The act prohibits soliciting or advertising to transfer custody or transferring custody of a child by means other than a legal adoption or guardianship proceeding, a judicial award of custody, other judicial or tribal action, or Colorado's safe haven law.

The act applies to the placement for adoption of a child who has been or is in foster care or institutional care, has previously been adopted, or is in the process of being adopted. The act requires child placement agencies facilitating an adoption to:

  • Provide prospective adoptive parents with general information about adopting children, specific information about the prospective adoptee, and guidance and instruction on meeting the needs of the adoptee; and
  • Upon the request of a child placed for adoption or the child's adoptive parents, provide information on accessing certain post-placement and post-adoption support services to the adoptee and parent to help preserve the adoption.

APPROVED by Governor April 17, 2023

EFFECTIVE April 17, 2023
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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Bill Text

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