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Colorado Revised Statutes

The Office of Legislative Legal Services edits, collates, and revises the laws enacted each session, with annotations, and prints them each year. Since 1997, the official set of statutes has been published each year in a softbound edition as well as an official CD-ROM edition.

The Office of Legislative Legal Services maintains distribution lists of the government agencies that receive the Colorado Revised Statutes and Session Laws free of charge. Currently the Office of Legislative Legal Services distributes more than 3,000 sets of Colorado Revised Statutes and 1,000 sets of Session Laws. If you are qualified to be on this list and do not presently receive your statutes from the state or if you wish to increase or decrease your current number of sets, please click here to open the book request form.

Colorado Revised Statutes Online

The Colorado Revised Statutes are available on the internet as hosted by LexisNexis (the current printer).

Click below to Access the Colorado Revised Statutes, Colorado Court Rules, Colorado Constitution, and United States Constitution.

Download C.R.S. Titles for Personal Use

You may download uncertified and unannotated copies of the Colorado Revised Statutes for personal use by visiting the link below.

Those Seeking Printouts of Statutes

The Office of Legislative Legal Services can provide electronic copies of specified portions of the Colorado Revised Statutes without charge. Additional fees will apply if you need your printout certified. Access the Colorado Revised Statutes printout request form at the link below.

Certified Copies

If you need a CERTIFIED copy of portions of the Colorado Revised Statutes, please contact Nate Carr, Assistant to the Revisor of Statutes, at or 303-866-2584.

  • The Office charges for the staff person's time spent isolating the requested material, formatting the statutory provisions (if necessary), and preparing the material for delivery in the requested manner at the hourly rate of $35 per hour, with a .25-hour minimum;
  • The Office charges $.10 per page to cover the cost for data delivery; and
  • If the consumer requests the statutory provisions to be certified, there is an additional $2.00 certification fee.
Those Seeking to Publish, Reprint, or Distribute the Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado law recognizes that persons, agencies, or political subdivisions, other than the General Assembly, may seek to publish, reprint, or distribute the statutes of the state of Colorado, in print format, digital format, or both. See § 2-5-118, C.R.S.

Any person, agency, or political subdivision seeking to do so, by using the statutory data set containing the official text of the statutes as prepared by the General Assembly, should visit the link below.

To Purchase an Official Set of the Colorado Revised Statutes

Call LexisNexis at 1-800-833-9844, or click here to visit the LexisNexis Bookstore page.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details