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Behavioral Health Task Force

Reports, Issue Briefs, Presentations, and Memoranda

August 17 Behavioral Health Task Force recommendations   
  2020 Behavioral Health Needs Assessment   
  Legislative Study Committee on Opioids and Other Substance Use Disorders   
  Change Management Plan for Behavioral Health Administration   
  Person Driven Solutions for Behavioral Health Transformation and Care Coordination   
  Senate Bill 19-222: Comprehensive Plan to Strengthen and Expand the Behavioral Health Safety Net System   
  Senate Bill 21-137: Behavioral Health Recovery Act   
  House Bill 21-1097: Establish Behavioral Health Administration   
  Colorado State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis   
  Mental Health America: Adult Ranking 2021  
  Behavioral Health in Colorado: Putting People First  
  Behavioral Health Legislative Task Force Facilitator Presentation  
August 27 Allowable Use of Funds  
September 13 Summary of Senate Bill 21-137  
September 17 Behavioral Health Legislative Task Force Upcoming Meetings  
  Draft Strategic Panels from Subpanel  
  BHTFF Process Guidelines and Lenses  
  Behavioral Health Task Force Presentation  
  Integrated and Coordinated Care Questionnaire  
  Behavioral Health Task Force Public Survey Responses   
  Suicide Prevention and Suicide-Related Indicators  
  Expanding the Safety Net: Data and Legislative Updates  
  Behavioral Health in Colorado: Putting People First  
  Crisis Intervention and Potential Solutions  
  Senate Bill 21-137 Implementation, COVID Impacts and Vision  
September 23 BHTTF Recommendation Guidance and Lenses  
  Behavioral Health Coverage in Commercial Insurance
  Wellstone Collaborative Strategies Presentation
  Public Survey Responses - Mental Health Colorado
  Crisis Intervention and Potential Solutions
  Consideration for High Impact Changes for Children and Youth with Complex and Co-occuring Needs
September 24 Medications for Addiction in Jails in Colorado  
  Co-Responder Program STAR Pilot  
  Behavioral Health and Physical Health Integration: A Primary Care Perspective  
  Overview of the Affordable Housing Transformation Task Force to Date  
  Integrated Care History & Policy Proposals  
  Behavioral Health and the Criminal Justice System - Intercept Approach  
  Behavioral Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System  
  Facilitating JBBS Improvement in Rural Jails  
  JTIIP Jail Progress Updates  
November 1 Review of Guidance from Task Force  
  Colorado Equitable Economic Mobility Initiative   
  Behavioral Health ARP Funds Policy Priorities for Building Safe and Health Communities  
  Feedback on Behavioral Health Workforce Preliminary Draft Recommendations  
  Subpanel Preliminary Draft Recommendations - Workforce Pillar   
  Behavioral Health Workforce Preliminary Draft Recommendations  
  Possible Framework for Recommendations  
  Upcoming Task Force and Subpanel Dates  
November 8 Integrated and Coordinated Care - 4 Preliminary Draft Recommendations  
  Sustainability, Funding, Affordability and Payer Systems  
  Draft BHTTF Evaluation Criteria  
  BHTFF Questions  
  Care Coordination Infrastructure Presentation  
  Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Preliminary Draft Recommendations  
November 9 Gaps Across the Continuum - 3 Draft Preliminary Recommendations  
  Children and Youth - Adolescent SBIRT  
  Behavioral Health Children, Youth & Families Pillar Preliminary Draft Recommendations  
  Behavioral Health Transformation Task Force Draft Recommendations for Children, Youth, and Families  
  Safe and Healthy Communities: Proposed Homelessness Initiatives  
  Bed Based Care  
  Colorado Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation & Access Program  
December 3 Draft Subpanel Recommendation Package  
  Recommendation Title: Academic Detailing Approach to Education and Quality Improvement for Opiod Stewardship  
  Recommendation Title: ASAM Criteria Training and Use of ASAM Continuum  
December 10 Tier 1 Funding Strategy Summary  
  Subpanel Recommendation Package  
  Behavioral Health Task Force Investments  
January 5 Draft Behavioral Health Task Force Funding Allocation Recommendations  


The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details