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Sunset Surgical Assistants And Surgical Technologists

Concerning the continuation of the regulation of persons who assist surgeons, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2020 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies.
2021 Regular Session
Health Care & Health Insurance
Bill Summary

Sunset Process - Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The bill implements the recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies in its sunset review and report on the surgical assistants and surgical technologists registration program. Specifically:

  • Sections 1 and 2 of the bill continue the surgical assistant and surgical technologist registration program for 7 years, until 2028.
  • Section 3 requires a surgical assistant or surgical technologist whose registration is revoked or who has surrendered a registration in lieu of disciplinary action to wait 2 years before reapplying for registration and authorizes the director of the division of professions and occupations within the department of regulatory agencies (director) to issue letters of admonition and confidential letters of concern to surgical assistants and surgical technologists.
  • Section 4 clarifies that a registrant may be disciplined for failing to notify the director of the limitations created by an illness or other health condition, act within such limitations, or act within the limitations imposed under a confidential agreement with the director to limit practice. Section 4 also adds the following as grounds for discipline:
  • Habitual or excessive use of alcohol, a habit-forming drug, or a controlled substance;
  • Failing to notify the director of any disciplinary action;
  • Failing to respond in a materially responsive and timely manner to a complaint against the registrant in a materially responsive and timely manner within thirty days after receiving the complaint ;
  • Practicing outside the scope of the practice of a surgical assistant or surgical technologist; and
  • Failing to satisfy generally accepted standards of practice as a surgical assistant or surgical technologist.
  • Sections 5 and 6 allow the director to enter into confidential agreements with surgical assistants or surgical technologists to limit practice based on an illness or other health condition that affects the ability to safely practice the profession.

(Note: Italicized words indicate new material added to the original summary; dashes through words indicate deletions from the original summary.)

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)




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