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Reclaimed Water Use On Industrial Hemp

Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for industrial hemp cultivation and making an appropriation.
2018 Regular Session
Public Health
Bill Summary

Water quality - reclaimed domestic wastewater - allowable uses - industrial hemp cultivation - rules - appropriation. The act codifies rules promulgated by the water quality control commission (commission) of the Colorado department of public health and environment (department) concerning allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, which is wastewater that has been treated for subsequent reuses other than drinking water.

Section 3 of the act defines 3 categories of water quality standards for reclaimed domestic wastewater, sets forth the allowable uses for each water quality standard category, and adds industrial hemp cultivation as an allowable use for reclaimed domestic wastewater when the industrial hemp is not used as a food crop. Section 3 also authorizes the commission, by rule, to establish new categories of water quality standards and to recategorize any use of reclaimed domestic wastewater to a less stringent category of water quality standard. The commission may develop more stringent standards by rule if it determines that the existing standards and categories are not protective of public health and identifies a specific health risk posed by the use of reclaimed domestic wastewater under the existing standards. Section 3 also authorizes the division of administration in the department to grant variances for uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater. Finally, section 3 authorizes the water quality control division, after conducting a public stakeholders' process, to develop policy, guidance, or best management practices for use of reclaimed domestic wastewater.

Section 5 appropriates $40,602 for the 2018-19 fiscal year from the general fund to the department for use by the water quality control division to implement this act.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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