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Sales Tax Statute Modifications To Address Defects

Concerning modifications to the sales and use tax statutes in order to address certain defects and anachronisms.
2021 Regular Session
Fiscal Policy & Taxes
Bill Summary

Section 1 of the act changes the cross references to certain definitions related to bingo that were relocated as a result of Senate Bill 17-232. The statutory references were not correctly changed for purposes of the bingo equipment sales and use tax exemption. This section addresses that defect.

Section 2 removes the words "low-emitting" from the description of a sales tax exemption because the exemption is no longer conditioned on the motor vehicle being "low-emitting".

Section 3 corrects a missed conforming amendment. House Bill 20-1023 provided for the conditional repeal of section 39-26-105.3 to be effectively replaced with section 39-26-105.2. Section 39-26-204.5, a use tax statute, makes reference to section 39-26-105.2 but a conforming amendment to that section was not included in House Bill 20-1023. Section 3 adds the same conditional repeal to the use tax statute and provides the same hold harmless for retailers as is provided in section 39-26-105.2.

Section 4 addresses an anachronism in the sales tax statutes by repealing section 39-26-110. That statute specifies that a retailer doing business in 2 or more locations in Colorado may file one return that will cover all business locations. This statute was added as part of the "Emergency Retail Sales Tax Act of 1935" and has not been amended since, only moved around. With the advent of home rule taxing jurisdictions that can collect and administer their own sales and use tax, it is no longer possible that retailers doing business in more than one location in Colorado can file only one return to report all sales and use taxes collected because the department of revenue no longer administers all sales and use taxes in the state.

Section 5 addresses a defect in the sales tax statute by updating the statutory reference for the definition of "food" for purposes of a sales tax exemption for certain types of food. The definition of food is no longer located in 7 U.S.C. sec. 2012 (g). It is better to include a more general cross reference to all of 7 U.S.C. sec. 2012 instead of the specific subsection (g), which is now incorrect. A more general reference allows for later amendments to that section.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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