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Student-centered Pilot Accountability Systems

Concerning applying multiple measures of student success in evaluating performance within the elementary and secondary public education system.
2018 Regular Session
Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)

The bill authorizes a school district, board of cooperative services, or charter school (local education provider) or group of local education providers to create local, student-centered pilot accountability systems (pilot accountability system) for measuring the performance of the public school systems operated by the participating local education providers. A pilot accountability system must be designed to assess student learning, professional culture, and resource allocation within a participating local education provider. The bill describes the minimum requirements for a pilot accountability system proposal, including the manner in which the participating local education providers will determine whether the pilot accountability system is successful. A local education provider that participates in a pilot accountability system must continue to comply with the accountability and accreditation statutes.

A local education provider or group of local education providers may receive a grant to operate the pilot accountability system by submitting the proposal to the department of education (department), agreeing to allow the department to monitor implementation of the pilot accountability system, and agreeing to submit to the department its evaluations of the success of the pilot accountability system. Subject to available appropriations, the participating local education provider or group of local education providers will receive an annual grant so long as they comply with the monitoring and reporting requirements. For each year in which the department distributes a grant, the department must prepare a report of the implementation of the pilot accountability systems; submit it to the governor, the state board of education, and the education committees of the general assembly; and post it on the department website.

The authorization for the pilot accountability system grants repeals in 5 years.

Under existing law, at least 50% of a teacher's or principal's performance evaluation must be based on student growth measures. The bill amends the percentage requirement to at least 20% but not more than 50%. The school district, in collaboration with the licensed educators employed by the school district, will determine the specific percentage.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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Rep. D. Young