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General Job Qualifications/Skills and Professionalism Standards

Job Qualifications/Skills

Office employees must have the following minimum job qualifications and skills:

  • For attorneys, an active license in good standing to practice law in the state of Colorado;
  • For legislative assistants and administrative staff, an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution of higher education;
  • Analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and good judgment;
  • The ability to actively, clearly, and concisely communicate complex information in written and spoken English, listen well, ask relevant questions, and give and receive clear and understandable instructions;
  • The ability to acquire and develop an understanding of legislative drafting rules, the rules of statutory construction, and other relevant areas of law;
  • The ability to use a computer to draft legislation or other documents, perform research, track legislation, and engage in professional communications;
  • The ability to operate standard office equipment;
  • The ability to prioritize multiple tasks, work efficiently within time constraints and deadlines, and handle stressful situations;
  • The ability and willingness to understand and follow instructions from the director or other supervising Office staff; and
  • The ability to function both independently and in a team environment and, when necessary, to work more than eight hours in a day or to work on a holiday or weekend with little or no advance notice.


Every Office employee is expected to exhibit professionalism through a consistent commitment to the maintenance of excellent work relationships and the development of the legal, communications, and other professional skills needed to allow the employee, and by extension the Office, to provide the highest possible level of service to the General Assembly, the legislative process, and the people of Colorado.  Accordingly, each Office employee is expected to:

  • Demonstrate initiative in developing his or her professional skills by:
    • Actively pursuing expansion of job-related responsibilities, skills, and knowledge and, if the employee is an attorney, subject-matter expertise;
    • Participating in training and development activities;
    • Regularly attending general staff educational and training programs and, if an attorney, in-house continuing legal education programs; and
    • Upon gaining sufficient work experience in the Office, presenting or assisting in the development or presentation of such programs.
  • Ensure that he or she is able to serve as a positive example, convey an approachable "ready and willing to help" attitude, instill confidence and trust, and provide excellent customer service to legislators, legislative staff, other state employees, lobbyists, and the general public by:
    • Proactively prioritizing and managing his or her workload, anticipating the needs of legislators and legislative staff, and identifying potential legal or other issues so that he or she can be available when needed, remain patient and calm under pressure, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and provide timely, appropriate, and useful work product and advice; and
    • Actively and effectively communicating with legislators, legislative staff, and others as needed to ensure the efficient execution of his or her work-related duties and the maintenance of good working relationships.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to teamwork within the Office and when working with other legislative staff by:
    • Cooperating with Office and other legislative staff, listening to and considering their ideas, sharing information, suggestions, and other opinions with them, and treating them with respect and understanding;
    • Serving on and actively contributing to the work of Office committees;
    • Constructively self-evaluating and receiving feedback regarding his or her performance on an ongoing basis and during his or her annual performance evaluation;
    • Constructively receiving feedback relating to his or her written work product and, if the employee is a legislative assistant, his or her suggested revisions to attorneys' written work product, and making appropriate revisions; and
    • Assisting with Office or team workload as necessary, which, if the employee is an attorney, may include, but is not limited to, covering committee or review and comment hearings for, drafting legislation or amendments to legislation for, or conducting research for or otherwise helping another Office attorney who is out of the Office due to illness, maternity or paternity leave, or another reason or who is temporarily overloaded with work.
  • Comply with all applicable constitutional provisions, statutes, legislative branch policies, and Office policies regarding ethics, confidentiality, nonpartisanship, engagement in political activities, sexual harassment, attendance and punctuality, and other matters.
  • If the employee is an attorney, comply with all applicable rules of professional conduct.


Note:  These standards are minimum standards and may not cover every situation that may arise in the course of employment.

[last updated 11/5/2010]