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Demographic Notes

HB 19-1184 requires Legislative Council Staff to prepare demographic analyses for up to 20 bills each year starting with the 2020 legislative session.  Demographic notes outline the potential impact of a bill on disparities—including economic, employment, health, education, or public safety outcomes—for various populations in the state.  Populations may be identified by their differences in race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, geography, socioeconomic status, or other relevant characteristics for which data are available. 

Additional information about the process and methodology for demographic notes is available here:

Demographic Notes Overview

For information about the procedures for requesting and preparing demographic notes, as well as the demographic notes request form, click the links below:

Demographic Notes Procedures

Demographic Notes Request Form

Demographic Notes for the 2023 Session

The table below provides information on the demographic notes that are in progress or have been published to date.

Bill Number
Bill Title
Request Caucus
Published Analysis
Reduction of State Income Tax Rate
House Democrats
HB 23-1112 Earned Income and Child Tax Credits
House Democrats

Previous Session Demographic Notes

How do I provide public comment?

Public input relevant to a demographic analysis that is being prepared or revised is welcome.  Depending on when comments are received, they may be considered in the initial analysis or subsequent revisions.  Please note that your comments may be considered an open public record.  Public comments may be submitted to:

Email Notifications

To receive e-mail notifications when analyses are being prepared and when they are available, please sign up using the following page:

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