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Ballot Measure Fiscal Impact Statements


Pursuant to Section 1-40-124.5, C.R.S., Legislative Council Staff is required to prepare fiscal impact statements for all ballot measures.  These analyses are published in the Blue Book voter guide for measures that appear on the ballot during a statewide general election. Ballot measures include citizen-initiated measures as well as measures referred to the voters by the General Assembly.  Pursuant to House Bill 15-1057, fiscal impact statements are prepared for all citizen-initiated ballot measures when they are heard before the Title Board.  Blue Book fiscal impact statements may update the fiscal impact statements from the Title Board hearing if new information becomes available.

Blue Book Voter Guide Fiscal Impact Statements

Similar to a fiscal note, fiscal impact statements included in the Blue Book provide the following information:

  1. An estimate of the effect the measure will have on state and local government revenues, expenditures, taxes, and fiscal liabilities if such measure is enacted;
  2. An estimate of the amount of any state and local government recurring expenditures or fiscal liabilities if such measure is enacted; and
  3. For any initiated or referred measure that modifies the state tax laws, an estimate of the impact to the average taxpayer, if feasible, if such measure is enacted.


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Title Board Fiscal Impact Statements

For citizen-initiated measures, which are brought before the Title Board, a brief abstract of fiscal impact statements is included on the petitions used by the measure proponents to collect signatures for placing the measure on the ballot.  The full text of the fiscal impact statements for these measures may be found below.

Search Fiscal Impact Statements for Measures before Title Board (coming soon)

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