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Individual Access To Publicly Funded Vaccines

Concerning access to publicly funded vaccines.
2023 Regular Session
Public Health
Bill Summary

The act allows a physician, a physician assistant, an advanced practice registered nurse, or any other person who is authorized by law to administer a vaccine (practitioner) to ask an individual who seeks to receive a publicly funded vaccine to present proof of health insurance or other form of identification, but a practitioner is prohibited from conditioning the receipt of the vaccine on the individual's presentation of the documentation or ability to pay an administration fee. The act requires practitioners to post a notice and provide to individuals seeking a publicly funded vaccine a disclosure statement indicating that the publicly funded vaccine will be provided regardless of the individual's presentation of the requested documentation or ability to pay an administration fee.

The act allows an independent pharmacy to condition receipt of a publicly funded vaccine on an individual's ability to pay for the administration of the vaccine but limits the amount an independent pharmacy may charge.

The act prohibits a practitioner from charging an individual for the cost of a vaccine that is paid for by the federal, the state, or a local government but permits a practitioner to charge and seek payment from an insurer or the vaccine recipient or, if applicable, from a federal or state source, for the cost of administering the vaccine.

APPROVED by Governor May 10, 2023

EFFECTIVE May 10, 2023
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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