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Registration Of Vehicles In Rental Fleets

Concerning registration of fleet vehicles that are part of rental vehicle fleets, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
2023 Regular Session
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

Transportation Legislation Review Committee. Current law provides that a license plate expires when the owner transfers or assigns the title or interest in the associated motor vehicle and that the owner cannot transfer such a license plate to another motor vehicle. The bill exempts license plates issued to the operator of a motor vehicle fleet (fleet operator) that are easily legible and in good condition from such expiration and allows the operator of a rental vehicle fleet (fleet operator), if authorized by the department of revenue (DOR), a fleet operator to transfer license plates from one fleet vehicle to another when the fleet operator transfers or assigns the owner's title or interest in the fleet vehicle from which the number plates are being transferred.In addition, subject to current statutory requirements relating to the use of approved third-party providers, the DOR, to the extent feasible, is required to allow an owner of a rental vehicle fleet that is authorized to transfer license plates to maintain its own inventory of new number plates and to use a third-party provider to handle all or any portion of both its vehicle registration, lien, and titling needs and its number plate inventory ordering, management, and distribution needs. The DOR is also authorized to promulgate rules or establish guidelines to specify or clarify the requirements that an owner of a rental vehicle fleet must meet to apply for, obtain, and maintain authorization to transfer license plates.For state fiscal year 2023-24, the bill appropriates $2,700 from the Colorado DRIVES vehicle services account in the highway users tax fund to the department of revenue.

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