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State Auditors 1876-Present


David C. Crawford
1879-1881 Eugene K. Stimson
1881-1883 Joseph A. Davis
1883-1885 J. C. Abbott
1885-1887 Hiram A. Spruance
1887-1889 Darwin P. Kingsley
1889-1891 Louis. B. Schwanbeck
1891-1893 John M. Henderson
1893-1895 F. M. GoodyKoontz
1895-1897 Clifford C. Parks
1897-1899 John W. Lowell
1899-1901 George W. Temple
1901-1903 Charles W. Crouter
1903-1905 John A. Holmberg
1905-1907 Alfred E. Bent
1907-1909 George D. Statler
1909-1911 Roady Kenehan
1911-1913 Michael. A. Leddy
1913-1915 Roady Kenehan
1915-1917 Harry. E. Mulnix
1917-1919 Charles. H. Leckenby
1919-1921 Arthur M. Strong
1921-1923 Harry. E. Mulnix
1923-1925 Arthur M. Strong
1925-1927 Charles Davis
1927-1929 William D. MacGinnis
1929-1931 John M. Jackson
1931-1933 William D. MacGinnis
1935-1935 Benjamin F. Stapleton
1935-1937 Homer F. Bedford
1937-1939 Thomas Annear
1939-1941 Homer F. Bedford
1941-1943 Charles McBride Armstrong
1943-1945 James L. Bradley
1945-1947 Leon Edward Lavington
1947-1949 Homer F. Bedford
1949-1951 Myron C. McGinley
1951-1953 Homer F. Bedford
1953-1955 Earl Ewing
1955-1957 Homer F. Bedford
1957-1959 Earl Ewing
1959-1963 Homer F. Bedford
1963-1977* John P. Proctor
*In 1964, Colorado voters passed a constitutional amendment that abolished the elected Auditor of State in the Executive Branch and moved to an appointed State Auditor in the Legislative Branch. The new constitutional provisions took effect at the end of the current Auditor of State John P. Proctor's term. In 1966, John P. Proctor was subsequently appointed by the General Assembly as the State Auditor. 
1977-1984 Robert J. Scott
1984-1995 Timothy M. O’Brien
1995-2001 J. David Barba
2001-2006 Joanne Hill
2006-2011 Sally Symanski
2011-2021 Dianne E. Ray
2021-Present Kerri L. Hunter


The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details