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i_taxtask_2017a_2017-11-01t10:01:16z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 11/01/2017

Location: RM 271


Presentation from Other Software Providers


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10:44 AM -- Presentation from Other Software Providers

10:44 AM

Erin Neer, CEO and founder of MUNIRevs, provided a presentation about the sales tax and business licensing system developed by MUNIRevs.

A copy of her presentation is provided in Attachment B.

Attachment B.pdfAttachment B.pdf

Ms. Neer discussed her background as a finance director for a Colorado home rule municipality and her desire to make it easier for municipalities to collect and administer their sales tax and licensing functions, and also make it easier for business owners to remit sales taxes. MUNIRevs currently serves 20 percent of the home rule municipalities and over 20,000 businesses. Ms. Neer discussed the pilot program that MUNIRevs will be starting January 1, 2018, through which a business could file sales taxes for multiple participating jurisdictions through a single portal.

Ms. Neer discussed the benefits of having a central registration system through a single vendor that is separate from the sales tax remittance process. This central registration system could allow home rule municipalities and businesses to have a single point of registration information and integrate with the Department of Revenue's licensing process.

Ms. Neer discussed how multiple vendors can be involved in the sales tax remittance process. She also discussed creating a single remittance point, which would allow businesses to choose the best software solution for their business.

Ms. Neer then provided an overview of the MUNIRevs system that will be part of the pilot program, including the online single registration and renewal system, the single sales and use tax remittance system, and the pricing structures.

10:55 AM

Eric Deffenbaugh, Fast Enterprises, discussed the products and services his company provides to governments of various sizes in the areas of tax administration, Division of Motor Vehicles, and Unemployment Insurance.

A copy of his presentation is provided in Attachment C.

Attachment C.pdfAttachment C.pdf

Mr. Deffenbaugh spoke about Fast Enterprises' past and current involvement with various projects within the state of Colorado. He discussed various national efforts to simplify sales tax processing and the various models being used across the country for sales tax administration. He also discussed the benefits of a central administration system and the requirements of any technology solutions.

Mr. Deffenbaugh discussed the Fast Enterprises software that was built to support government, primarily as a tax administration package, and provided an overview of the capabilities of the system.

11:13 AM

Mr. Deffenbaugh and Ms. Neer responded to questions from the task force.