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i_jailfunding_2017a_2017-09-11t13:02:28z4 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/11/2017

Location: SCR 357


Technical Parole Violations


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03:26 PM -- Technical Parole Violations

The committee reconvened.

Joe Morales, Chair of the Colorado State Board of Parole, presented information about the operations of the Parole Board. Committee members received a handout on this matter (Attachment G). Mr. Morales noted that the Parole Board is actively looking for ways to more efficiently conduct parole hearings.


Mr. Morales responded to questions about the number of board members and hearing officers and the location of Parole Board hearings. He explained how hearings are conducted in rural counties. Discussion continued regarding the use of technology in conducting parole revocation hearings.

Anne Andrews, Research and Evaluation Specialist for the Colorado State Board of Parole, responded to committee questions about the structure of parole in Colorado and how mandatory parole is outside the structure of a sentence.

Committee members discussed with Mr. Morales the statutory basis for parole and the impact this has on county jails. Ms. Andrews clarified the role of "parole tails" and discretionary parole. Mr. Morales noted that the Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee has also looked at parole tails. A parole tail is the amount of time left on a prison sentence that can be served on parole.

Mr. Morales responded to a question about the cost of parole to parolees. He responded to questions about where parolees can serve their parole, both as set by the Parole Board and as mandated in statute.

Ms. Andrews responded to a question about the role of county jails in the parole revocation process.

Mr. Morales discussed existing statutes and their role in the parole process.

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