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i_jailfunding_2017a_2017-07-31t13:03:57z0 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/31/2017

Location: SCR 357


Who is in Jail, Part 1: Parole Violations


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01:04 PM -- Who is in Jail, Part 1: Parole Violations

Joe Morales, Chair, Colorado State Board of Parole, presented on parole issues and parole violators in jail. He noted that he previously served as Summit County Sheriff.

Mr. Morales explained that there are two types of parole violators serving time in county jails: parolees who have committed a new crime, and technical violators who have violated terms of their parole agreement. He described revocation hearings conducted by the Parole Board. He responded to a question about the costs of housing parole violators, and he discussed the role of the board and the Division of Adult Parole in the Department of Corrections.

Annie Andrews, Colorado State Board of Parole, provided details on the amount of time parole violators spend in jail.

Mr. Morales provided examples of technical parole violations in response to a committee member question. He noted that internal sanctions are available before a warrant is issued for arrest. Absconding, failure to comply with treatment, and substance abuse could be examples of technical violations. He described some of the conditions set for parole. Mr. Morales discussed the factors the Parole Board considers when determining whether to revoke parole, noting which conditions could send parolees back to jail or prison or to a halfway house. He noted that some of the guiding statute would be changing under House Bill 17-1326.

Ms. Andrews responded to a question about how much time parolees spend in county jails awaiting a Parole Board hearing, which averages 51 days. Ms. Andrews noted that the 51 days includes time spent on pending charges. Mr. Morales clarified that for new law violations, the charges must be resolved before a Parole Board hearing can be held. He further discussed lawful representation requirements for revocation hearings.

01:24 PM

Mr. Morales explained that the frequency of parole hearings depends on the county and location. He discussed the role of the Parole Board when an individual commits a new law violation. He noted that Department of Corrections determines when counties are reimbursed in these cases.

In response to committee member questions, Mr. Morales discussed the period of revocation and changes under HB 17-1326. He responded to questions about the bill's impact on county jail populations.

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