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Date Nov 28, 2018      
Location Old State Library

State Board of Parole - Committee Discussion Only

02:58:38 PM  

In accordance with SMART Act and Joint Rule 25, the following State Board of Parole representatives appeared before the committee:  Kristen Hilkey, Chairperson, Alexandra Walker, Interim Vice Chairperson, and Tammy Murphy, Parold Board Office Manager.   The Colorado State Board of Parole Annual Report was distributed to committee members (Attachment K).


Ms. Walker provided an overview of the State Board of Parole and emphasized that it's an independently operated, separate agency.  She also discussed an offender's path to parole and related statistics.  Questions were asked about workload and the ability to review cases thoroughly.  Discussion followed about information sharing, the contents of a case file, and the risk assessment instrument used in determining parole eligibility.  Committee members asked for additional data about the number of parole applications approved.   



03:18:48 PM  

Ms. Walker responded to questions regarding the revocation rate among parolees, and the Parole Board's schedule. Ms. Walker responded to further questions regarding who makes decisions with regard to whose parole cases are heard, and on what time line. Ms. Walker returned to briefing the committee and discussed the board's structured decision-making matrix and deviations from it.  Discussion ensued about the risk assessment instrument and other qualitative factors use in reviewing parole eligiblity. Ms. Walker answered questions about ICE. Ms. Murphy explained the Lean Initiative to streamline services, save paper, and cut down on other costs. 



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