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Date Feb 16, 2023      
Location Old State Library

Appointment of two nonlegislative attorney members to Statutory Revision Committee - Committee Discussion Only

07:37:40 AM  
Kristen Forrestal,
Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), explained that the committee
is responsible for appointing attorneys to the statutory revision committee
and introduced the three attorneys who applied to be appointed

07:38:27 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, invited Deborah Nelson and Tom Morris to the table
07:39:07 AM  
Tom Morris, attorney,
introduced himself and described his former background as a drafting attorney
with the OLLS drafting legislation for the Colorado State Legislature and
his familiarity with the Colorado Revised Statutes

07:41:07 AM  
Deborah Nelson, attorney,
introduced herself and described her experience working in the executive
branch where she oversees operations for the environmental divisions of
the department of public health and environment and implements law and
explained that she has worked with OLLS staff in the past with legislation

07:42:27 AM  
Eric Strobel, attorney,
introduced himself and described his law experience, his past experience
working with legislators in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, and
Nevada, and his familiarity with the legislative process
07:43:54 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, asked the committee if they had any questions for the candidates.The
committee had no questions
07:45:00 AM  
The committee stood
in a brief senatorial five to review the applications
07:49:15 AM  
The committee returned
07:49:24 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, explained how the committee will cast their votes by doing a roll
call and each listing their two choices
07:50:29 AM  
The committee cast
their votes
07:51:17 AM  
The committee stood
in a senatorial five to make sure all committee members were able to review
the applications
07:51:50 AM  
The committee returned
07:53:45 AM  
The committee tallied
the votes
07:54:29 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, announced the committee will be appointing Tom Morris and Deborah
Nelson to the statutory revision committee and thanked Eric Strobel for

07:55:13 AM
Motion I move for the appointment of Tom Morris and Deborah Nelson to the statutory revision committee
Moved Soper
Dickson Yes
Gardner Yes
Mabrey Yes
Moreno Yes
Roberts Yes
Taggart Yes
Van Winkle Yes
Weissman Yes
Soper Yes
Gonzales Yes
YES: 10   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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