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Procurement Of Information Technology Resources

Concerning the procurement of information technology resources.
2022 Regular Session
State Government
Bill Summary

Joint Technology Committee. Current law states that the office of information technology (office) may initiate the procurement of information technology (IT) resources for state agencies and participate in other activities related to IT procurement on behalf of a state agency. The bill requires the office to initiate the procurement of IT resources and requires the office to participate in other IT procurement-related activities on behalf of a state agency; except that a state agency may initiate solicitations and contracts for IT resources with prior approval of the office. The bill specifies that if a state agency does not receive written approval or disapproval from the procurement official for the office within 30 business days after submitting the procurement request to the office for review, the state agency may assume that it has received the prior approval of the office and is authorized to initiate the procurement or solicitation process.

The bill specifies that the balance of money in the existing technology risk prevention and response fund (fund) is continuously appropriated to the office for the purposes of the fund shall not exceed $50 million. The bill allows the office to contribute money to the fund from the operations and maintenance fees associated with the billing practices of the office.

The bill requires any money appropriated from the general fund to the office or a state agency for the procurement of IT resources or projects that is unexpended or unencumbered at the end of a fiscal year as a result of savings achieved in connection with such procurement to be transferred to the fund.

For every appropriation in the information technology capital section and the operating agency budget section of the annual general appropriation act for the 2023-24 state fiscal year and each state fiscal year thereafter, the bill requires the general assembly to set aside additional funding for annual depreciation-lease equivalent payments.

In addition, the bill specifies that a contract for the licensing of software applications that are designed to run on generally available desktop or server hardware cannot limit a governmental body's ability to install or run the software on the hardware of the governmental body's choosing.

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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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