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County Authority To Prohibit Firearms Discharge

Concerning the authority of a board of county commissioners to prohibit discharge of firearms in unincorporated areas of a county.
2023 Regular Session
Local Government
Bill Summary

Under existing law, a board of county commissioners (board) may designate unincorporated areas of a county where it is unlawful to discharge firearms (designated area) , except the board may not prohibit discharge of firearms in shooting galleries, on private grounds, or in residences under circumstances that do not endanger persons or property. A designated area must have an average population density of 100 persons or more per square mile.

The bill repeals the exception for private property, repeals the minimum population density requirement, and instead requires that the designated area have 30 35 dwellings or more per square mile. A board is not allowed to prohibit discharge of a firearm in a designated area by a peace officer, in an indoor shooting gallery located in a private residence, or at a shooting range , pursuant to a wildlife management activity, or by a person engaged in a lawful hunting activity or livestock management. Under existing law, certain state laws concerning the state's liability for damages done to property by wild animals protected by the game laws of the state do not apply to a designated area. The bill repeals this exception.

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Bill Text

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