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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles rely on an automation system to drive the vehicle.  Colorado law defines an "automated driving system" as an automation system that is collectively capable, without any intervention or supervision by a human operator, of performing driving tasks.  The state legislature created a framework for autonomous vehicles in 2017.  In 2021, the General Assembly tasked the Department of Transportation with creating a report by 2025 for the Transportation Legislation Review Committee that outlines the development and adoption of autonomous motor vehicles.  Legislative Council Staff

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycle and electric scooter riders are exempt from motor vehicle registration and license requirements.  All electric bicycles in Colorado are required to conform to one of three classifications shown in the table below, and have a label showing the bicycle's classification, top assisted speed, and motor wattage.  Any modification to an electric bicycle that changes the speed capability or motor wattage requires an updated label. 

Classification of Electric Bicycles


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