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Session Laws

Immediately after the adjournment of each session, the Office of Legislative Legal Services indexes and publishes all the bills and concurrent resolutions passed at that session together with those resolutions and memorials designated for printing by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Red Book | Session Laws Prior to 2016

Session Laws from the

Bill # Bill Topic Effective Date Page # Chapter # Chapter Text
SB19-011 Fermented Malt Beverage And Malt Liquor License 01/31/2019 1 1 PDF
SB19-018 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Age 08/02/2019 18 2 PDF
SB19-021 Board Of Health Approval For Legal Services 08/02/2019 20 3 PDF
SB19-028 Allow On And Off Premises Beer Licenses Rural Areas 02/20/2019 22 4 PDF
SB19-045 Clarify Radiation Advisory Committee Compensation 08/02/2019 26 5 PDF
SB19-058 Enactment of CRS 2018 02/20/2019 28 6 PDF
HB19-1015 Recreation Of The Colorado Water Institute 02/20/2019 30 7 PDF
HB19-1036 Annual Stipends For Certified School Professionals 08/02/2019 34 8 PDF
HB19-1011 Scope Of Manufactured Home Sales Tax Exemption 09/01/2019 37 9 PDF
HB19-1060 Repeal Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Facility Life Safety Statutes 08/02/2019 39 10 PDF
HB19-1014 Retail Food Establishments Inspection And Suspension 01/01/2020 42 11 PDF
SB19-023 Cryptocurrency Exemption Colorado Digital Token Act 08/02/2019 49 12 PDF
SB19-083 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Air Quality Control 08/02/2019 54 13 PDF
HB19-1104 Rights Of Persons Office Respondent Parents' Counsel 08/02/2019 56 14 PDF
SB19-082 Repeal Board Of Health Authority Over Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Funds 08/02/2019 58 15 PDF
HB19-1066 Counting Special Education In Graduation Rates 03/07/2019 60 16 PDF
HB19-1071 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Water Quality Control 08/02/2019 62 17 PDF
HB19-1098 Deeds To Convey Real Property 03/07/2019 64 18 PDF
HB19-1008 Include Career And Technical Education In Building Excellent Schools Today Program 08/02/2019 70 19 PDF
HB19-1062 Grand Junction Regional Center Campus 08/02/2019 74 20 PDF
SB19-070 Department Of Natural Resources Language Update 08/02/2019 76 21 PDF
SB19-080 Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment Emergency Epidemic Preparedness 08/02/2019 78 22 PDF
HB19-1109 Convalescent Centers As Pharmacies 08/02/2019 80 23 PDF
SB19-039 Interdistrict Transportation Of Students 03/07/2019 82 24 PDF
HB19-1050 Encourage Use Of Xeriscape In Common Areas 03/07/2019 84 25 PDF


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