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Joint Committee Year Round Committee

Treatment of Persons with Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal Justice System

Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda

August 18, 2021 Department of Human Services (Office of Behavioral Health) - Criminal Justice Services Handout
  MHDCJS & Subcommittees Information Handout
  MHDCJS General Information Handout
  High Potency Marijuana Information Handout
September 1, 2021 Article - An Untenable Space - The Dilemma of Black Families
  Article - Daniel Prude's Death Policing Mental Illness
  Presentation from Mental Health Colorado - People with Lived Experiences and 72-hour Involuntary Holds
  Handout from Office of Behavioral Health - Involuntary Mental Health Treatment
  Handout from Office of Behavioral Health - Understanding Competency to Stand Trial
  Presentation from Criminal Justice Programs Unit - Adult Mental Health Diversion Program
  Frontline documentary - The New Asylums
  Handout from Disability Law Colorado - Persons with Mental Illness and Assault and Assault on Professionals
September 8, 2021 Presentation Summitt County Probate Court
  Article - Honorable Elinore Marsh Stormer - Summitt County Probate Court
  MHDCJS - Mental Health Hold Recommendation 1
  MHDCJS - Mental Health Hold Recommendation 2
  OHIO A.O.T. Implementation Manual - Developing an Effective Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program
  Handout - Housing Subcommittee Report 
  Handout - Bill Concepts Housing Subcommittee MHDCJS 2021-2022
  Handout - MHDCJS Housing Subcommittee White Paper, August 2019
  Handout - Introduced Version of House Bill 20-1035
  Handout - Regarding MHDCJS Housing Bill
  Handout - Please Vote Yes on HB20-1035
  Memorandum to Governor Polis's Behavioral Task Force - Recommendations for Housing, Criminal Justice, and Behavioral Health
  Handout - MHDCJS Housing Subcommittee Policy and Legislative Platform
  Letter from Gina Shimeall, Attorney at Law
  Handout - Mental Health Bed Capacity Proposal - Mental Health Colorado
  Mental Health Colorado and Disability Law Colorado - Policy Recommendations
  Handout - High Potency THC Marijuana Negatively Impacts Our Most Vulnerable
  Handout - Cannabinoids for Medical Use - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  Handout - Bureau Justice Assistance Grant
  Handout - Trusted Interoperability Platform
  Handout - Alignment with Existing State Interoperability Efforts
  Handout - Legislative Recommendations
  Handout - Dispatch - BJA Grants
  Handout - Crisis Dispatch V2
  Handout - Crisis Dispatch - Updated

Proposed Legislation

Bill Designation Bill Topic Former Bill Designation Fiscal Note
Bill A Treatment Behavioral Health Disorders Justice System Bill 2 Bill 2
Bill B Modifications to not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Bill 4 Bill 4
Bill C Pretrial Diversion for Person with Behavioral Health Bill 5 Bill 5
Bill D Emergency Mental Health Treatment & Evaluation Standard Bill 6 Bill 6
Bill E Programs to Develop Housing Support Services Bill 10 Bill 10

Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council

Bill Designation Short Title Fiscal Note
Bill 3 Modifications to Incompetent to Proceed Bill 3
Bill 7 Triage Centers for Criminal Justice Diversion Grant Program Bill 7
Bill 9 Jail Standards Commission Bill 9