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Budget Documents

E.g., 09/23/2018
E.g., 09/23/2018
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Local Affairs Memos & Comeback Letter from State Controller Concerning the Parole Savings Fund 04/11/2018 parole_savings_fund-04-11-18.pdf
Other FY 2018-19 Legislative RFI’s Final Approval 04/11/2018 fy_2018-19_leg_rfi-04-11-18.pdf
Memos & Comeback Senate Amendments to the Long Bill 04/11/2018 amend_summary-04-11-18.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Memos & Comeback HCPF - BA16 Comprehensive Claim Cost Control 04/11/2018 hcpf-04-11-18.pdf
Revenue Memos & Comeback Footnote and RFI for Department of Revenue 04/11/2018 rev_fn_rfi-04-11-18.pdf
Revenue Memos & Comeback DRIVES Project Roll-forward Authority Recommendation 04/11/2018 drives-04-11-18.pdf
Memos & Comeback Department of State, Initiative and Referendum Line Item 04/11/2018 sta_04-11-18.pdf
Memos & Comeback Beyond the Scope Technical Amendments to the Long Bill 04/11/2018 lb_bts_technical_amends-04-11-18.pdf
Education (K-12) Memos & Comeback Clarifications Regarding March 23, 2018, Committee Motions Regarding Education 03/23/2018 edu_comeback_03-23-18.pdf
Capital Construction, Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB, Health Care Policy and Financing, Higher Education, Human Services, Other Figure Setting FY 2018-19 Figure Setting Comeback Packet #9 03/22/2018 jbc_staff_figure_setting_cb9_03-22-18.pdf