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Prompt Pretrial Liberty And Fairness

Concerning defendants' rights related to pretrial bond.
2019 Regular Session
Courts & Judicial
Bill Summary

The bill creates rights for defendants related to release on bond as follows:

  • A court has to hold a bond setting hearing for an in-custody defendant within 48 hours after the defendant arrives at the jail or holding facility;
  • Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, a defendant must be allowed to post bond within 2 hours after the sheriff receives the bond information from the court;
  • Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, a defendant cannot be charged more than a $10 bond processing fee and not charged any additional transaction fees including kiosk fees; except that a standard credit card processing fee may be charged when a credit card is used;
  • Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, the custodian of a jail has to release a defendant within 4 hours after the defendant has posted bond and is physically present in the jail; except that, if the defendant needs to be fitted for an electronic monitoring device, then the 4-hour period does not apply; and
  • If a defendant has been granted bond and can meet the terms of the bond, the court shall release the defendant even if the defendant is unable to pay a fee or cost.

Under current law, a defendant's bond deposit can be applied to court costs, fees, fines, restitution, or surcharges owed by the defendant. The bill allows application of the bond if the defendant posted the bond and agrees in writing to allow it to be used for such purposes. The bill prohibits that application if the bond was posted by a third party.

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)




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