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Private Treatment for Out-of-state Defendant

Concerning changes to the process for a person serving a criminal sentence in Colorado for a conviction in another state to participate in a private treatment program.
2023 Regular Session
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Bill Summary

Colorado participates in an interstate compact that allows a person convicted of a crime in another state to have the person's probation or parole supervised in Colorado (supervised person) and allows a person convicted in another state who is not required to be supervised to complete the person's court-ordered treatment in Colorado (unsupervised person). The bill clarifies the process for treating a supervised or unsupervised person in a private treatment program in Colorado. A private treatment program is a program that provides substance use treatment, sex offender management services, or domestic violence services (program). The bill directs the program to assist the supervised or unsupervised person with registering with the interstate compact administrator. The department of corrections (department) is required to complete a criminal history records check of the supervised or unsupervised person to verify that the person is a supervised or unsupervised person. The bill specifies the requirements for programs when the participant is a supervised person.

Current law subjects a program or supervised person to a misdemeanor for violating the provisions of the interstate compact. The bill states that a violation may be reported to the program's appropriate licensing, certifying, or approving agency for potential corrective action. The bill requires the department to periodically update the out-of-state offender questionnaire used by private treatment program providers.

Current law requires a person serving a supervision sentence for a domestic violence-related offense to complete a treatment program that conforms with the standards of the domestic violence offender management board. The bill directs a person whose supervision is transferred to another state pursuant to the interstate compact for the supervision of adult offenders to follow the requirements for a treatment program of the state where the person is being supervised.

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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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