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Home Owners' Reasonable Access To Common Areas

Concerning the right of unit owners in common interest communities to have reasonable access to common elements of such communities.
2022 Regular Session
Bill Summary

Current law states that, with certain exceptions, a unit owners' association (association) of a common interest community (community) may regulate the use of common elements of the community (common elements). The act states that, in regulating the use of common elements, an association shall preserve and protect unit owners' ability to use and enjoy common elements and shall not unreasonably restrict or prohibit unit owners' access to, or enjoyment of, any common element. During maintenance, repair, replacement, or modification of a common element, an association may restrict or prohibit unit owners' access to, and enjoyment of, a common element only to the extent and for the length of time necessary to:

  • Protect the safety of any individuals, including unit owners and individuals performing the maintenance, repair, replacement, or modification of the common element; or
  • Preserve the structural integrity or condition of a repair, replacement, or modification.

If an association must restrict or prohibit unit owners' access to one or more common elements for more than 72 hours, the association shall provide an electronic or written notice to each unit owner and post a visible, clearly legible notice at each physical access point to the common element, which notice includes:

  • A simple explanation of the reason for the restriction or prohibition;
  • An indication of the estimated time or date upon which the restriction or prohibition will no longer exist; and
  • A telephone number or e-mail address whereby a unit owner may pose questions or concerns about the restriction or prohibition for the consideration of the association.
    (Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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