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Holocaust And Genocide Studies In Public Schools

Concerning requiring the satisfactory completion of a course that includes Holocaust and genocide studies as a condition of high school graduation in public schools.
2020 Regular Session
Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
Bill Summary

The act requires the state board to adopt standards related to Holocaust and genocide studies on or before July 1, 2021. The adoption of standards is conditional on the receipt of gifts, grants, or donations.

The act requires each school district board of education and charter school to incorporate the standards on Holocaust and genocide studies adopted by the state board into an existing course that is currently a condition of high school graduation for school years beginning on or after July 1, 2023, if the standards are adopted by the state board on or before July 1, 2023.

The act requires the department of education to create and maintain a publicly available resource bank of materials pertaining to Holocaust and genocide courses and programs, which must be available for access by public schools no later than July 1, 2021.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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Sponsor Type Legislators
Prime Sponsor

Rep. D. Michaelson Jenet, Rep. E. Sirota
Sen. S. Fenberg, Sen. D. Hisey


Rep. M. Baisley, Rep. A. Benavidez, Rep. S. Bird, Rep. P. Buck, Rep. J. Buckner, Rep. B. Buentello, Rep. Y. Caraveo, Rep. M. Catlin, Rep. R. Champion, Rep. J. Coleman, Rep. L. Cutter, Rep. M. Duran, Rep. D. Esgar, Rep. T. Exum, Rep. M. Froelich, Rep. A. Garnett, Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. M. Gray, Rep. L. Herod, Rep. E. Hooton, Rep. D. Jackson, Rep. S. Jaquez Lewis, Rep. C. Kennedy, Rep. C. Kipp, Rep. T. Kraft-Tharp, Rep. L. Landgraf, Rep. C. Larson, Rep. L. Liston, Rep. S. Lontine, Rep. J. McCluskie, Rep. H. McKean, Rep. B. McLachlan, Rep. J. Melton, Rep. K. Mullica, Rep. P. Neville, Rep. R. Pelton, Rep. J. Rich, Rep. D. Roberts, Rep. L. Saine, Rep. J. Singer, Rep. M. Snyder, Rep. M. Soper, Rep. T. Sullivan, Rep. K. Tipper, Rep. B. Titone, Rep. D. Valdez, Rep. A. Valdez, Rep. K. Van Winkle, Rep. M. Weissman, Rep. P. Will, Rep. D. Williams, Rep. S. Woodrow, Rep. M. Young
Sen. J. Bridges, Sen. J. Cooke, Sen. D. Coram, Sen. L. Crowder, Sen. R. Fields, Sen. M. Foote, Sen. L. Garcia, Sen. B. Gardner, Sen. J. Ginal, Sen. J. Gonzales, Sen. C. Hansen, Sen. P. Lee, Sen. P. Lundeen, Sen. D. Moreno, Sen. B. Pettersen, Sen. K. Priola, Sen. R. Rodriguez, Sen. R. Scott, Sen. T. Story, Sen. J. Tate, Sen. N. Todd, Sen. A. Williams, Sen. F. Winter


Rep. J. Arndt, Rep. K. Becker, Rep. T. Carver, Rep. T. Geitner, Rep. S. Humphrey, Rep. K. Ransom, Rep. S. Sandridge, Rep. J. Wilson
Sen. J. Danielson, Sen. V. Marble, Sen. J. Smallwood, Sen. R. Woodward, Sen. R. Zenzinger

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