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Owner Tax Obligation For District Voter Eligibility

Concerning the qualification of an elector for specified local government elections by virtue of a contract to purchase taxable property.
2017 Regular Session
Elections & Redistricting
Local Government
Bill Summary

Currently, a person may qualify as an eligible elector in certain district elections if the person is an owner of taxable real (or, for some districts, personal) property situated within the boundaries of the district or the area to be included in the district. Further, a person is considered to be an owner for election purposes if the person is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase such taxable property.

For a person qualifying as an eligible elector as an owner by virtue of a contract to purchase taxable property in elections in the following types of districts, the bill mandates that the tax obligation must require the person to pay taxes prior to the date of purchase:

  • Local governments, as defined in the 'Local Government Election Code' (i.e., any district, business improvement district, special district created pursuant to title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, authority, or political subdivision of the state, authorized by law to conduct an election; but does not include a county, school district, regional transportation district, or municipality) ( section 1 of the bill);
  • Law enforcement authorities ( section 2 );
  • Public improvement districts ( section 3 );
  • Local improvement districts ( section 4 );
  • Downtown development authorities ( section 5 );
  • Special districts formed under the 'Special District Act' ( sections 6 and 7 );
  • The urban drainage and flood control district ( section 8 );
  • Water conservancy districts ( section 9 ); and
  • Groundwater management districts ( section 10 ).
    (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)




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Rep. M. Gray



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