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S_TRA_2019A 01/18/2019 11:52:12 AM Committee Summary

Date 01/18/2019
Bridges X
Carver X
Cooke E
Coram E
Crowder X
Donovan X
Exum X
Foote X
Froelich X
Galindo X
Ginal X
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Humphrey X
Lewis E
Pettersen E
Priola E
Ransom E
Scott E
Valdez A. X
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Williams A. X
Winter X
Gray X
Time 11:52:12 AM to 12:21:13 PM
Place Old State Library
This Meeting was called to order by Gray
This Report was prepared by April Bernard
Hearing Items Action Taken

11:56:14 AM

Representative Hansen led the discussion about budget requests.

11:57:28 AM

The Office of the Governor budget includes a request for the Colorado Energy Office.  This is an increase in spending authority for the Electric Vehicle Grant Fund. 

11:58:37 AM

The committee disussed the budget for the Department of Local Affairs.  There was additional discussion about the Fort Lyon facility. 

11:54:57 AM

The Joint Budget Committee (JBC), including Representative Esgar, Representative Hansen, Senator Hisey, Senator Moreno, Senator Rankin, and Senator Zenzinger, the Senate Local Government Committee, the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee, and the House Transportation and Local Government Committee discussed department budgets.

12:03:00 PM

Discussion ensued about Colorado Choice Transitions funding.  Request 1 is for an inflationary increase.  There are currently funds for 255 vouchers.  With budget amendments this number could climb to 430 vouchers available. 

12:04:40 PM

The committees discussed the Department of Natural Resources.  Request 2 provides additional staff for oil and gas activity backlogs.  The new request includes 11 full time equivalent staff for inspection.

12:01:45 PM

Representative Hansen asked the committees to consider request 4 in the Department of Local Affairs budget, in terms of adequacy for outreach on the U.S. Census.  He indicated that the state loses money when individuals are not counted in the Census.

12:09:06 PM

There was discussion about the time needed for catch up in oil and gas inspection backlogs.  This process will not happen quickly and may need to be re-evaluated in a year.

12:06:41 PM

Request 1 is for an an increase in cash spending authority, not a supplemental request.  These funds are for an increase in operating costs for state parks, due to inflation.

12:12:16 PM

There was a suggestion from the JBC about moving the SMART Act hearings to the first week of the session.  Department requests for funding will be fresh in the minds of committee members and new committee members will be on board.

12:15:34 PM

There were closing remarks about the budget.  Budget requests appear to include incremental changes. 

12:11:05 PM

The committees discussed the Department of Transportation budget.  Request 2 is from the Southwest Chief to maintain the Multimodal Transportation Options Fund and for a 0.6 full time equivalent position.  There was additional discussion about the request, including the support of Front Range rail.  The request is related to the Senate Bill 1 compromise. 

12:10:13 PM

The committees discussed the Department of Regulatory Agencies budget.  There are no decision items for the Public Utilities Commission.  There are only indirect cost assessments.

12:20:12 PM

Outgoing committee members were thanked.

12:18:40 PM

There was a short discussion about bids in emergeny situations.

12:21:13 PM   The committee adjourned.

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