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Seatbelt Requirements for Minor Drivers

Drivers under the age of 18 years whose occupants in motor vehicles are not properly restrained or wearing a seat belt commit a traffic infraction.  The table below summarizes the penalties for violations of the minor driver seat belt laws.


Penalties for Violation of Minor Driver Seat Belt Laws



Hours of Community Service

License Suspension Points

1st offense

up to $50

8 to 24


2nd offense

up to $100

16 to 40


Subsequent Offense


16 to 40


Source: Section 42‑2‑105.5, C.R.S.


Penalties for minor drivers.  Courts are required to order minors under 18 years of age, who have been convicted of violating traffic laws, with the exception of traffic infractions, to attend and complete a driving course at a driver improvement school.  A traffic infraction is a violation that is not classified as a misdemeanor or felony.  The minor or the minor's parent is required to pay the cost of attending the designated driver improvement school.  In addition, the courts are required to make information on scholarships and other financial assistance available to help minors and their parents offset the costs of the driver improvement school.