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Seat Belt Law

Colorado law requires the driver and every front seat passenger of a motor vehicle and every passenger in an autocycle to wear a seat belt whenever the vehicle is operated on a street or highway.  In addition, Colorado's child restraint law requires that children 15 years old and younger riding in a vehicle be properly secured regardless of seating position (see below).  This requirement does not apply to individuals with a diagnosed physical or psychologically disabling condition preventing the use of a seat belt, or if federal law does not mandate that the vehicle be equipped with seat belts.  Violating the seat belt law is a secondary offense, meaning that drivers may not be cited for failure to wear a seat belt unless stopped by a law enforcement officer for an alleged violation of another law.  A driver in violation of the seat belt law commits a Class B traffic infraction and is subject to a $65 fine and a $6 surcharge.

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