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Date: 01/04/2017


Office of the State Auditor


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09:02 AM -- Office of the State Auditor

Kerri Hunter, Deputy State Auditor, introduced herself and discussed the role of the State Auditor and the issues the office has been studying related to SMART Act oversight.

09:04 AM --
Nina Frant, Office of the State Auditor, discussed the audits related to the departments under the purview of the House and Senate Business Committees. The audit found that statutory criteria to authorize the use of a take-home vehicle are unclear and may not align with business needs; DPA's policies and rules do not align with IRS regulations regarding how much vehicle fringe benefit income should be added to an employees pay; and that the Department does not carry out all statutory functions for the use of take-home vehicles or provide central oversight or support across state government. Ms. Frant provided a handout to the committee (Attachment A).

170104 AttachA.pdf170104 AttachA.pdf

09:09 AM --
Jenny Page, Office of the State Auditor, discussed the audit related to the conservation easement tax credit program. The audit found that the Division of Real Estate should improve its administration to review applications faster, improve management of fees and resources, and reduce the incidence of problems in conservation easement appraisals. Ms. Page provided a handout to the committee (Attachment B).

170104 AttachB.pdf170104 AttachB.pdf

09:16 AM --
Marisa Neff, Office of the State Auditor, presented the Annual Report of the Status of Outstanding Audit Recommendations and discussed the departments over which the committees have oversight. A full copy of the report is Attachment C.

170104 AttachC.pdf170104 AttachC.pdf

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