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Late Vehicle Registration Fees

Failure to register a vehicle on time results in a $25-per-month late fee after the 90-day period during which initial registration was required, up to $100 total.  Vehicle owners must pay the taxes and fees to register the vehicle and pro-rated taxes and fees from the date the vehicle should have been registered to the date the owner registered the car.  A supplemental unregistered vehicle fine may be imposed if a person is convicted of misdemeanor, knowingly failing to register a vehicle, within 90 days of becoming a resident of the state.

Exemptions from the late fee include vehicles that are:

  • used for operating a commercial business and were idled for a full registration period;
  • owned by military personnel serving outside Colorado when the grace period for renewal has passed and the vehicle is not operated on a public highway until re‑registration; and
  • stolen, and the registration expired during the time, or duration of, the theft. 

The division may establish rules for additional exemptions including:

  • acts of God and weather-related delays;
  • office closures and furloughs;
  • medical hardships; and
  • information technology failures.

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