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J_WRARC_2023A 04/05/2023 07:51:22 AM Committee Summary

Date 04/05/2023
Bridges E
Catlin E
Hinrichsen X
Lynch X
Martinez E
McLachlan X
Pelton B. X
Pelton R. X
McCormick X
Roberts X
Time 07:51:22 AM to 08:34:08 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Roberts
This Report was prepared by Alexa Kelly
Hearing Items Action Taken
CDPHE Rulemaking on Colorado Water Quality Standards Committee Discussion Only
Committee Discussion Committee Discussion Only

CDPHE Rulemaking on Colorado Water Quality Standards - Committee Discussion Only

07:51:36 AM  

Lisa Darling, South Metro Water Supply Authority, introduced herself.  She discussed the criteria setting process for water quality standards in lakes and reservoirs from the Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).  

07:55:04 AM  

Gabe Racz, Vranesh and Raisch, LLP, introduced himself and his presentation (Attachment A). He told the committee about wastewater treatment facilities and downstream water quality standards, specifically related to phosphorus and nitrogen levels. He discussed the current CDPHE rulemaking process, which included a cost benefit analysis, and told the committee about the potential costs of new standards. He spoke about the environmental impacts and problems with varying standards. He told the committee about the need for an alternative approach to the proposed standards.

08:05:12 AM  

Mark Marlowe, Castle Rock Water, introduced himself.  He spoke about the challenge with the proposed standards by the WQCD in CDPHE, which would require using reverse osmosis treatment.  He told the committee about how the new requirements would cause a rate increase for customers and how Castle Rock Water is currently conserving water through reuse.    

08:11:29 AM  

The panelists responded to questions from the committee regarding the WQCD rulemaking hearing and water quality standards.

08:17:04 AM  

Trisha Oeth, CDPHE, introduced herself and her presentation (Attachment B).  She told the committee about the effect of nutrients on water quality, which can cause algae blooms.  She discussed the history of creating a nutrient management plan and the feasibility of implementing nutrient regulations.

08:24:13 AM  

Nicole Rowan, WQCD, and Ms. Oeth answered questions from the committee about the regulation costs to communities, the nitrogen and phosphorus sources, and the timeline of the rulemaking hearing.

Committee Discussion - Committee Discussion Only

08:30:54 AM  
Chair Roberts discussed the committee's calendar.

08:34:08 AM   The committee adjourned.

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