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j_src_2016a_2016-10-13t09:02:15z15 Hearing Summary

Date: 10/13/2016


6. Discussion of SRC annual report


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11:27 AM -- 6. Discussion of SRC annual report

Ms. Meyer discussed the Nov 15 deadline for the statutorily required annual report. She explained that an amended and updated second report will be completed after the December SRC meeting and discussed how the content of the bill might be organized. Senator Holbert and Chairperson Moreno asked about including issues in the report that were formally presented to the SRC by memo, but were ultimately rejected by the committee.

Senator Steadman asked for the report to include an acknowledgement of the role of the Colorado Bar Association in promoting the committee and recruiting the nonvoting members to participate. He also asked that staff provide the number of words repealed from statute, or net number of words removed, by legislation proposed by the committee and to present quantifiable assessment at the December meeting--so the committee can choose how to present the information.

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