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Date: 07/20/2016


Housing Subcommittee Update


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11:52 AM -- Housing Subcommittee Update

Jennifer Longtin, Housing Subcommitte Co-Chair, provided an update on the Housing Subcommittee of the advisory task force. She provided a handout to the committee (Attachment F). She discussed the research that two interns are conducing on behalf of the Housing Subcommittee. The research includes reviewing legislation and zoning regulation and conducting a multi-state survey to describe model supportive housing and treatment programs. Ms. Longtin discussed existing housing voucher programs and the desire to expand the existing programs to provide housing and companion services for those exiting the criminal justice system.


11:59 AM

Matt Domboski, Housing Subcommittee intern, discussed the research about housing programs in other states he is compiling. He stated he also plans to meet with city officials to learn more about the Denver Social Impact Bond Program.

12:01 PM

Kelsey Holder, Housing Subcommittee intern, discussed the zoning issues that often arise when trying to establish housing for certain populations. She referenced an existing apartment complex that is zoned as a congregate home in Aurora that may be a possible model. She discussed Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community Program.

12:04 PM

In response to a question, Mr. Domboski discussed a potential model program in New York and the state funding for that program. Ms. Longtin discussed the restrictions associated with federal funds for housing. Committee discussion ensued about social impact bond programs for housing, further researching previous legislation in Colorado related to housing for those exiting the criminal justice system, and possibly engaging the National Conference of State Legislatures to assist with the research the Housing Subcommittee is conducting. In response, Ms. Holder stated she has been in conversations with Urban Peak regarding housing issues.

12:16 PM

Ms. Longtin stated that the Housing Subcommittee is developing a white paper to address the issues regarding housing that may require legislation. Ms. Longtin discussed the focus of the Housing Subcommittee on expanding the housing voucher program. Committee discussion with Ms. Longtin ensued about possibly repurposing state buildings in the future to provide housing for persons exiting the criminal justice system. Committee discussion occurred about presentations at the next committee meeting on repurposing vacant buildings. Senator Newell discussed the housing vouchers for the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program.