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Date: 07/20/2016


Competency Restoration Subcommittee Update


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10:18 AM -- Competency Restoration Subcommittee Update

Sheri Danz, Advisory Task Force Member, and Tariq Sheikh, Advisory Task Force Member, provided an update on the recent activities of the advisory task force's competency restoration subcommittee. Mr. Sheikh stated that subcommittee is almost ready to present recommendations to the task force and oversight committee on the issue of competency restoration. He discussed meeting with Dr. Patrick Fox, Department of Human Services, concerning competency restoration. He discussed the current competency restoration process and referenced the educational materials that are used to restore juveniles to competency. Mr. Sheikh discussed the need for an individualized approach that includes a treatment team and separate restoration provider to restore individuals to competency.

10:23 AM

Ms. Danz stated that there is no designated provider for restoration services for juveniles in Colorado. She stated the need to outline the guiding principles for restoration services. Ms. Danz and Mr. Sheikh discussed including adults in any potential legislation to offset costs and reduce the backlog for in-patient services. Ms. Danz discussed establishing the most integrated and least restrictive treatment setting, which was a phrase used by Dr. Fox during the subcommittee's discussions with him. Ms. Danz discussed the development of the guiding principles that will be reviewed at the July 21 subcommittee and task force meetings. Senator Newell referenced the Legislative Council memorandums that had been distributed earlier in the meeting. The committee dialogued with Ms. Danz and Mr. Sheikh about competency restoration for juveniles. Ms. Danz discussed the need for uniform standards for competency restoration, while still allowing flexibility for individual and community needs. Discussion ensued about the need for restoration services for juveniles and potential legislation to address competency restoration. In response to members' comments, Mr. Sheikh discussed elements of the juvenile justice systems, including the juvenile sex offender registry. Senator Martinez Humenik referenced the Second Chance Coalition in Minnesota.

10:50 AM

Mr. Sheikh and Ms. Danz responded to comments from the committee about competency restoration and how juveniles access treatment services. Mr. Sheikh discussed efforts by district attorneys to help juveniles who are involved in the juvenile justice system. Ms. Danz referenced prior legislation concerning a juvenile-specific definition for competency. Mr. Sheikh referenced the judicial discretion in determining a management plan for a juvenile. Senator Newell suggested that the competency restoration subcommittee develop recommendation for the committee to inform a potential letter to the Chief Justice concerning judicial trainings on management plans. Mr. Sheikh and Ms. Danz responded to comments about the juvenile sex offender registry. Senator Newell requested a presentation on the juvenile sex offender registry at the next committee meeting. Amanda King, Legislative Council Staff, clarified who had been sent the Legislative Council Staff memorandum referenced earlier in the meeting.