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J_LC_2022A 03/02/2022 08:04:09 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/02/2022
Benavidez X
Coleman X
Cooke X
Donovan X
Esgar X
Geitner X
Hansen X
Holbert X
Kennedy X
Lundeen X
McKean E
Moreno X
Mullica X
Pelton X
Smallwood X
Fenberg X
Garnett X
Time 08:04:09 AM to 08:28:33 AM
Place Old State Library
This Meeting was called to order by Garnett
This Report was prepared by Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Hearing Items Action Taken
Approval of the Legislative Council Staff budget

Approval of the Legislative Council Staff budget -

08:04:18 AM  
Speaker Garnett invited
Natalie Mullis, Director of Legislative Council Staff (LCS), to present
the LCS budget request, which can be found as Attachment A.  Director
Mullis reviewed several portions of the budget request.
08:10:43 AM  
Director Mullis answered
questions from the committee.  Manish Jani, Deputy Director of LCS,
came to the table to answer questions.  Committee discussion ensued.

08:28:19 AM
Motion Move that the committee approve the Legislative Council Staff budget and forward it to the Executive Committee for its approval.
Moved Fenberg
Seconded Esgar
Benavidez Yes
Coleman Yes
Cooke Yes
Donovan Yes
Esgar Yes
Geitner No
Hansen Yes
Holbert Yes
Kennedy Yes
Lundeen Yes
McKean Excused
Moreno Yes
Mullica Yes
Pelton No
Smallwood Yes
Fenberg Yes
Garnett Yes
Final YES: 14   NO: 2   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

08:28:33 AM   The committee adjourned.

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