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j_jtc_2016a_2016-09-15t10:07:00z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/15/2016


OIT Project Watchlist


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11:39 AM -- OIT Project Watchlist

William Chumley, the Governor's Office of Information Technology's (OIT) Chief Customer Officer, came to the table to discuss OIT's July 2016 quarterly report (Attachment A) and the August 2016 watchlist (Attachment B). He answered several questions about the Department of Youth Corrections Electronic Health Records project, the CORE project, and the HRIS project. He discussed the reevaluation of the HRIS project, the project's current budget situation, and the vendor selection process. In response to a committee question regarding the Colorado Department of Agriculture's AgLicense project, he noted that a reevaluation of the project's scope lead to the project's end date being extended. In response to a committee question, he stated that the CHATS Modernization project's remaining funding is insufficient. Finally, in response to committee questions, he stated that the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration's (DPA) Collection System project is being managed and funded by DPA through one of its cash funds. OIT does not have a project manger for the project, so he did not provide an update to the committee.

160915 AttachA.pdf160915 AttachA.pdf 160915 AttachB.pdf160915 AttachB.pdf

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