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Date: 08/02/2016


All Payer Claims Database Presentation


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9:57 AM -- All Payer Claims Database Presentation

Ana English, Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC), presented to the committee about CIVHC and the All Payer Claims Database. She provided a powerpoint handout to the committee (Attachments G). Ms. English discussed the data that CIVHC collects, which goes back to 2009. In response to a questions, she said that CIVHC's budget is $5 million.

160802 AttachG.pdf160802 AttachG.pdf

10:04 AM

Tracey Campbell, CIVHC, discussed the non-public release of information by CIVHC. She said that CIVHC does not receive direct state funding, but charges a fee for data. She outlined the various guidelines for non-public releases of data and the entities that access the data. Ms. Campbell discussed the CO Medical Price Compare Data Showcase and the Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement Program. She discussed the new web portal for report delivery that will be launched later this year.

10:15 AM

Ms. Campbell outlined the public releases of data that CIVHC provides. She highlighted the breast cancer screening rates for Medicaid clients. Ms. Campbell answered questions about how the data can be used by communities to address certain issues. Ms. Campbell and Ms. English answered questions about the funding and budget for CIVHC.

10:24 AM

Ms. Campbell discussed the CIVHC's reports related to the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care (Attachment H) and the Cost Driver Spot Analysis reports prepared by CIVHC (Attachments I, J, and K).

160802 AttachH.pdf160802 AttachH.pdf160802 AttachI.pdf160802 AttachI.pdf160802 AttachJ.pdf160802 AttachJ.pdf160802 AttachK.pdf160802 AttachK.pdf

10:29 AM

Taylor Roddy, Connect for Health Colorado, discussed the partnerships between Connect for Health Colorado and CIVHC. A powerpoint handout was provided to the committee (Attachment L). She explained the tool that is being developed to allow exchange clients to evaluate monthly premiums, yearly out-of-pocket costs, and insurance plan information.

160802 AttachL.pdf160802 AttachL.pdf

10:32 AM

Ms. Campbell answered questions about release guidelines, if the data is deidentified, and who owns the data. She told the committee that the vast majority of the data is deidentified. She explained that there are limited circumstances when researchers could access identified data, but those researchers would need to meet guidelines and sign certain agreements. She stated that the data is owned by the state, but CIVHC is the administrator. Ms. English and Ms. Campbell further discussed the security of the data maintained by CIVHC.

10:41 AM

Ms. Roddy and Ms. English answered questions about the ability to identify those who are uninsured. Committee discussion about cyber security ensued. Ms. English and Ms. Roddy answered questions about the out-of-pocket cost data that the cost-analysis tool will provide to consumers. NCSL provided a handout concerning states that have all-payer claims databases (Attachment M).

160802 AttachM.pdf160802 AttachM.pdf