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Date: 08/02/2016


Enrollment Enhancement and Expansion Presentation


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09:01 AM -- Enrollment Enhancement and Expansion Presentation

Representative Primavera called the meeting to order. The meeting agenda was distributed to the committee (Attachment A).

160802 AttachA.pdf160802 AttachA.pdf

09:03 AM

Dick Cauchi, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), presented to the committee on other states enrollment efforts. He provided the committee with an informational packet (Attachments B and C). Mr. Cauchi discussed the states that use social media to engage exchange clients, including Connecticut, Idaho, and Washington. He referenced the bus tour that California's exchange conducted. Mr. Cauchi further discussed the efforts to engage clients in Massachusetts, including various advertising strategies. He discussed how Hawaii partnered with nonprofit organizations to reach potential exchange clients.

160802 AttachB.pdf160802 AttachB.pdf160802 AttachC.pdf160802 AttachC.pdf

09:11 AM

Mr. Cauchi discussed the confusion that the open enrollment period communications can create on certain state websites. He discussed the importance of personal connections through navigators, assisters, community partners, agents, and brokers. He referenced The Commonweath Fund report (Attachment D) and highlighted issues related to affordability as key concerns when people choose whether or not to enroll in health insurance plans. He discussed the additional information that NCSL has available about state-based exchanges.

160802 AttachD.pdf160802 AttachD.pdf

09:16 AM

Mr. Cauchi answered questions about life changing events that qualify persons to enroll in an insurance plan outside of the open enrollment period, which efforts are most effective in expanding enrollment, and whether people in other states select plans but then do not make premium payments. Committee members continued to dialogue with Mr. Cauchi about exchange usage in other states. He referenced a document from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange concerning enrollment (Attachment E). Mr. Cauchi responded to questions about whether other states have establish policies that drive business to the exchange.

160802 AttachE.pdf160802 AttachE.pdf

09:29 AM

Kevin Patterson, Connect for Health Colorado, discussed the information presented by NCSL. A handout was distributed to the committee (Attachment F). He discussed how the states are trying to learn best practices from one another regarding enrollment. He explained the marketing and outreach strategies of Connect for Health Colorado (the exchange) and the efforts to make these strategies more cost-effective and targeted. Mr. Patterson said that the outreach efforts in the next open enrollment will be targeted to certain geographic areas that have high eligible-but-not-enrolled populations. Mr. Patterson discussed the communication between Connect for Health Colorado and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) to reach clients that have been denied Medicaid, but who could qualify for other financial assistance for health insurance through the exchange.

160802 AttachF.pdf160802 AttachF.pdf

09:33 AM

Mr. Patterson responded to committee members comments about Medicaid fraud, the various outreach efforts that the exchange could avail themselves of to improve enrollment, and efforts to reach younger populations. Mr. Patterson answered questions about the communication between Connect for Health Colorado and HCPF regarding potential enrollees and whether the issue regarding HCPF reimbursing the exchange for enrolling Medicaid clients had been resolved. Committee discussion about enrollment efforts ensued.

09:46 AM

Mr. Patterson discussed the social media efforts of the exchange. He answered questions about broker engagement by the exchange and efforts to communicate information related to tax penalties for not having health insurance. Mr. Patterson answered questions about the implementation of House Bill 16-1148, concerning the oversight authority of the committee with regard to policies that affect consumers proposed by the exchange. Taylor Roddy, Connect for Health Colorado, joined Mr. Patterson to answer questions about the exchange's branding strategies.