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Date: 06/09/2016


Presentation on Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)


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10:46 AM -- Presentation on Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

Representative Primavera called the committee back to order. Mr. Patterson presented the Legislative Oversight Committee Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Update handout (Attachment C). According to the handout, there are 375 small groups currently enrolled in the SHOP, which equals over 2,800 covered lives. He reviewed the SHOP carriers, which are Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Colorado Choice. Mr. Patterson discussed the efforts to improve the SHOP, which include improving the user interface, reducing the number of screens need for enrollment, and broker training on the SHOP.

160609 AttachC.pdf160609 AttachC.pdf

10:50 AM

Ms. Brown answered questions about the rating for small businesses. She stated that in Colorado a small group is an employer group with up to 100 employees. Mr. Patterson answered questions about multi-carrier plans and the involvement of brokers in the SHOP. Discussion occurred about the low involvement of small businesses in the SHOP and the factors that may contribute to the low involvement, such as the low tax credit amounts and the limited carrier choices. In response to a question, Mr. Patterson said that carriers were not leaving the SHOP. Committee discussion continued with Mr. Patterson about the SHOP marketplace, including if there are ways to simplify the SHOP for small businesses.

11:04 AM

Mr. Patterson commented on the restructuring of the advisory groups outlined in the 2016 Meeting Organization Chart handout (Attachment D). He stated that the advisory groups and board meetings are open to the public. Senator Kefalas and Mr. Patterson discussed the groups that were created under House Bill 16-1148, concerning the oversight authority of the health insurance exchange oversight committee with regard to policies that affect consumers proposed by the health benefit exchange. Senator Kefalas referenced the House Bill 16-1148 and Senate Bill 16-008 Implementation Plan handout (Attachment E).

160609 AttachD.pdf160609 AttachD.pdf160609 AttachE.pdf160609 AttachE.pdf

11:07 AM

Ms. Flores-Brennan responded to questions about the advisory groups that were created by House Bill 16-1148. She explained that some of the advisory groups have been consolidated into one advisory group.

11:09 AM

In response to a question, Mr. Patterson discussed the exchange's sustainability and the issues around consolidating some exchange functions with the federal exchange.

11:14 AM

Mr. Patterson further discussed Attachment E and answered questions about the House Bill 16-1148 Implementation Plan.