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J_ECLC_2021A 04/19/2021 04:07:12 PM Committee Summary

Date 04/19/2021
Esgar X
Fenberg X
Holbert X
McKean X
Garnett X
Garcia X
Time 04:07:12 PM to 04:41:28 PM
Place HCR 0107
This Meeting was called to order by Garcia
This Report was prepared by Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Hearing Items Action Taken
Meet with Candidate for State Auditor Committee Discussion Only
Capitol Security Improvements Update Committee Discussion Only

Meet with Candidate for State Auditor - Committee Discussion Only

04:07:23 PM  
President Garcia,
chair, invited Representative Michaelson Jenet, chair of the Legislative
Audit Committee, to provide opening remarks and introduce the candidate
for State Auditor, Kerri Hunter.  Representative Michaelson Jenet
reviewed the process by which the Legislative Audit Committee sought and
interviewed applicants for the position and provided background information
about Ms. Hunter.  Ms. Hunter introduced herself to the committee
and spoke about her professional background and her responsibilities and
successes in her current role as Deputy State Auditor.
04:13:35 PM  
Ms. Hunter answered questions from the committee.

Capitol Security Improvements Update - Committee Discussion Only

04:23:10 PM  
President Garcia
invited Jeanette Chapman, Legislative Council Staff, to provide opening
remarks on the process associated with Capitol security improvements.  She
answered questions from the committee.
04:26:44 PM  
Kara Veitch, Executive
Director of the Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA), provided
an update on where DPA is in the process of improving Capitol security.
 Lieutenant Colonel Josh Downing spoke about Operation Restoration
from the perspective of the Colorado State Patrol.
04:31:14 PM  
Committee members
made comments and the panel of presenters answered questions.  Captain
Brandon Means, Colorado State Patrol, provided additional information about
Operation Restoration and answered questions form the committee.

04:41:28 PM   The committee adjourned.

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