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J_ECLC_2020A 08/11/2020 01:30:25 PM Committee Summary

Date 08/11/2020
Fenberg X
Garnett X
Holbert X
Neville X
Garcia X
Becker X
Time 01:30:25 PM to 03:26:26 PM
Place Old State Library
This Meeting was called to order by Representative Becker
This Report was prepared by Amanda King
Hearing Items Action Taken
Capitol Clean-up Efforts Committee Discussion Only
Interim Meetings Committee Discussion Only
Other Business Committee Discussion Only

X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call

Capitol Clean-up Efforts - Committee Discussion Only

01:32:17 PM  
The Speaker called the meeting to order.
 Please note that the audio for this meeting can be found as part
of the recording of the meeting of the Executive Committee and Joint Budget
Committee held earlier on the same day.
01:33:33 PM  
Kara Veitch, Executive Director of Department
of Personnel and Administration (DPA), made a presentation to the committee
concerning DPA's efforts to clean up the graffiti and other damage to the
State Capitol over the summer.  She provided a handout to the committee
(Attachment A).
01:44:25 PM  
Ms. Veitch discussed the homeland security
assessment that was conducted on the State Capitol and the Civil War Memorial.
 She answered questions about the efforts to secure the building.

01:49:47 PM
Motion Move that the Executive Committee go into executive session under Section 24-6-402 (4) (d), C.R.S.
Moved Garnett
Seconded Fenberg
Fenberg Yes
Garnett Yes
Holbert Yes
Neville Yes
Garcia Yes
Becker Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS
02:38:57 PM  
The executive session adjourned.

Interim Meetings - Committee Discussion Only

02:41:14 PM  

Speaker Becker discussed the possibility of holding interim meetings in order to stay abreast of issues related to COVID-19.  Speaker Becker distributed a draft resolution to allow these types of hearings (Attachment B).

02:43:23 PM  
The committee discussed the proposal offered
by Speaker Becker and whether or not legislators would receive per diem
for participating in the interim meetings. The committee discussed the
possibility of having an existing year-round committee, such as Executive
Committee, meet to receive briefings on COVID-19.
03:08:31 PM  
The committee decided to continue the discussion
of the matter at a future time.

Other Business - Committee Discussion Only

03:16:49 PM  
Speaker Becker discussed the General Assembly's
Energy Council membership and dues.
03:18:40 PM  
Natalie Mullis, Director, Legislative Council
Staff, provided additional information and answered questions about the
Energy Council.
03:20:35 PM  
The committee continued to discuss the
Energy Council membership.
03:24:19 PM  

Speaker Becker referenced a draft letter that had been distributed to allow the Senate and House Education Committees to meet over the interim (Attachment C). No action was taken on the letter at the meeting.

03:26:26 PM   The committee adjourned.